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First Step for FS2002!

for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

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First Step for FS2002

In the column of Product Description, click on "available" to get the Product Description.
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First Step for FS2002, Update File 1
(Released on Jun 12, 2002)
File size:460KB

New function will be added to the B767 panel, thereby the radio altimeter readout will be audible. All the fues of the panel 
lighting at night will be improved.

When you attempt to unpack the downloaded Update File, you'll be asked for a password. 
You'll be notified of it by e-mail when the product is purcahsed. Otherwise, contact support_e

Unpack the downloaded file, then you'll find the install.exe. Double click on it to launch the 
installer. Then, follow the prompts. Reboot of your computer after install is not required.


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