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Microsoft Train Simulator, Add-On Series # 2
[JNR Electric Locomotive]

The Blue Train and the Freight Train operated by JNR in old days are eagerly desired by the enthusiastic fans of Train Simulator. Now, they have come back vividly in the scene of Train Simulator. Elec Loco of EF65-500, 1000, 1100, EF81-100, 300, ED76 and EF66 are revived. The carriage of 14 series, type 14 and 24 seires, type 25 are also appearing in the scene. The freight trains, such as container train, boxcar, reefer, hopper car, tank train and conductor are all made available.

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Microsoft Train Simulator, Add-On Series # 1
[JNR Limited Express, 485 & 583 series]

Quite a few people feel nostalgic toward the Limited Express Trains of 485 and 583 series, which were operated on the railway of JNR (Japan National Railway) who was a predecessor of JR (Japan Railway). This add-on soft gives life to them in Microsoft Train Simulator. Type 101, 201 and 301 of 485 series of Limited Express Train, known as Raicho, Shiradori, Yamabiko and Tsubasa, were revived. Of those 583 series, Raicho, Gekko and Hatsukari were also revived, thereby the train in this add-on soft will be composed of nineteen cars.

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