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OS : WindowsXP(SP2)/Vista/7
This software is an ADD-ON for exclusive use with Flight SimulatorX.
* Fligt Simulator X is required to use this ADD-ON software.
* Flight Simulator X with SP1 (SP2 recommended) or Acceleration.
* Video Card - DirectX9.0c or later version is required.
* HDD - 600MB or more free space is needed for nstallation

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Fukuoka Airport (RJFF/FUK) for FSX is an addon scenery product, which replaces the default
Fukuoka Airport with the realistic Fukuoka airport. This airport is the busiest hub airport in
Kyushu, Japan. The airport has one runway, 16/34 (2,800m) and ILS for both directions. The
terminal building for International Flights is located on the WEST arpon (west side of runway),
and the terminals for Domestic Flights exist on the EAST apron. The airport resides in the
Fukuoka City and is surrounded by residential areas in which there are landmarks, such as
Fukuoka Dome (Baseball Field), Fukuoka City Highway and so on. The Fukuoka Scenery covers
large area of the city with the photo-like textures for Summer and Winter, and Day and Night. 

Main Features.
1. Moving Boarding Bridges,
2. Stereoscopically modeled approach lighting system
3. Realistic Ground Markings,
4. True-to-life numerous sign-boards, taxiway designators, etc.
5. Photo-like textures of the object on the airport and its adjacent area.
6. Additional waypoints.
7. Use of high skill object modeling for building structure, so as not to impact fps.
6. Landmarkas in the areas around the airport.


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