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OS : WindowsXP(SP2)/Vista/7
This software is an ADD-ON for exclusive use with MS Flight Simulator X.
* MS Fligt Simulator X is required to use this ADD-ON software.
* MS Flight Simulator X with SP1 (SP2 recommended) or Acceleration Package.
* Video Card - DirectX9.0c or later version is required.
* HDD - 130MB or more free space is needed for nstallation.

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Kansai International Airport ( KIX for IATA/ RJBB for ICAO) was built on the man-made island in
Osaka Bay. The airport opened in the fall of 1994, but it had only one runway to start with.
Therefore, the default scenery of this airport in FSX has the reclaimed land, but there is no runway
on it. The second runway (06L/24R) was constructed and in use as from the summer of 2007.
Among many other things, this ADD-ON adds the second runway to your KIX/RJBB in FSX, together
with the passenger terminal designed by Renso Piano who is a world renowned Italian architect.
Kansai International Airport for FSX was developed in extremely high details. In the scenery making,
we made every endeavor to make it frame-rate friendly.

Main Features.
1. Moving Boarding Bridges to all boarding gate of the terminal.
2. Realistic Ground Markings throughout the airport.
3. True-to-life numerous sign-boards, taxiway designators, etc.
4. Photo-like textures of the object on the airport and its surrounding area.
5. Improved lighting facility for sufficient high-light intensity.


PR Video

Clone output from the graphic card was inscribed onto a storage medium and was edited for this PR Video. 
CPU :  INTEL Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
MB :  ASUS P5Q Pro
VGA :  Nvidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB DDR3
HDD SATA2/300 , 7200rpm ,  32MB , 8.5ms 
OS :  Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32Bit
FS :  Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2 (English Version)
Display settings in Flight Simulator X for Video recording.
Target Frame Rate = 20,
Full Screen Resolution = 1024x768x32,
Filtering = Trilinear.
Anti-akuasubg=On, Global texture resolution=High. DirctX10 preview=OFF.
Lens flare=On. Light bloom=On. Advanced animations=On.
AIRCRAFT : Global settings = High.
SCENERY : Global settings = Custom.
Level of detail radius : Large.. Mesh complexity = 75. Mesh resolution = 2m.
Texture resolution = 1 m. Water effects = Max 2x.
Land detail texture = On. Scenery complexity = Very dense.
Autogen density = Dense. Ground scenery shadows = On.
Special effects dettail = High,
WEATHER : Grobal settings = Low
TRAFFIC : Global settings = Custom
Airline traffic density = 70%. General aviation traffic density = 15%.
Airport vehicle densit = Medium
Road vehicles = 76%. Ships and ferries = 30%. Leisure boats = 30%.

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