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:49.90 USD
OS :WindowsXP(SP2)/Vista/7
This soft is an ADD-ON for exclusive use with MS Flight Simulator X.
*Flight SimulatorX with SP1 (SP2 recommended) or Acceleration.
*Video Card - DirectX9.0c or later version is reuired.
*HDD - 500MB or more free space is required for install.ation.
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The Boeing 787, aka, Dreamliner is a mid-sized, wide-body, twin-engines jetliner
developed by the Boeing. About half of the primary structure including the fuselage
and wing are constructed with the composite materials. The composite materials
made it possible for the Boeing to bring the most advanced jetliner in terms of
ecology to the world'a major airlines.
Included in this FSX add-on package is
2 variants of Boeing 787-8, the one with RR ENG and another GE ENG.
Each variant has two liveries, Boeing and AeroSim. In the cockpit, you'll find the
HUD (Head Up Display) in front of you. You'll see the terrain map on the ND,
when you press the TERR button on EFIS. FMS of B787 for FSX works with the
flight plan generated by the FSX flightplanner. LNAV commands the aircraft to
follow the flight plan route, and VNAV is capable of displaying the location of
T/C and T/D on the ND.

unique feature that comes with the B787 for FSX is the Electrochromic
Window System in the virtual cabin. The windows do not have conventional shade.
Instead, the passenger can regulate the intensity of light coming through the
window by using the mouse on the windows. In the cabin of real life, the passenger
uses the button at below the window.


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