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:49.90 USD
OS :WindowsXP(SP2)/Vista/7
This software is an ADD-ON for exclusive use with MS Flight Simulator X.
MS Flight Simulator X is required for use this ADD-ON software.
*MS Flight Simulator X with SP1 (SP2 recommended) or Acceleration Package.
*Video Card - DirectX9.0c or later version is reuired.
*HDD - 200MB or more free space is required for install.ation.

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Developed by AeroSim, the Boeing 767-300 aircraft with 2D and 3D cockpit,
and a flight dynamic to have you able to immerse in the operation of B767-300
in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The Boeing 767-300 jetliners had entered
in service circa 1986, and since then they are flying around the world, not only
the routes within continents but also the long haul route of intercontinental
under the rule of so called ETOPS. The FMC system which was in use with
our previous product of B747-400 for FSX is also used in the B767-300 for
FSX. When you fly with the FSX flightplan, pressing the LNAV commands the
aircraft to follow the flightplan route. Direct-to Waypoint function available.

1. Navigation in FMS works with Flightplan of FSX.
(FSX NAV system is basically used, so that the FSX frame rate is not jeopardized.)
2. Auto-Land is capable. (Power and Pitch controls for FLARE is automatically done)
3. Functional VNAV (Climb/Descent management vs. aircraft weight)

4. TOC/TOD display on EHSI (see Note 1)

5. Fully animated Gears, Flaps, etc.
6. Ground Service Equipments on the apron.
7, Altitude callouts on final, GPWS
8. Aircraft was modelled in detail, after having carefully considered the frame rate issue
(Note 1. TOC/TOD display needs some modification of the Flightplan data)


Copyright (C) 2010 AeroSim Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.