Glass cockpit of Heavy Jetliners are replicated faithfully.

2D panel has been produced as faithful as possible to the real thing, and care was taken so
as not to hamper the perspective view from the pilot seat. The lighting effect of the panel
at night create a magical atmosphere throughout the virtual sky. Moreover, it is striking
that most switches, knobs and levers in Virtual Cockpit are operable and nearly perfect
operation in Virtual Cockpit became possible. ND panel was re-designed from scratch
and now it can be used by flight upon which to base the flight planner.


  B747-400D(Engines starting up)

B747-400D(at night)

B747-400D(Virtuacl Cockpit)

B747-400D(in approach)

B777(2 D)

B777(Virtual Cockpit)


B777(on final!)

B777(Engines starting up)

On Ground. Engines shut down. Parking Brake set.Flap up.Total Fuel 54.1kLBS.

On Ground. Engines run. Parking Brake set.Flap up.Total Fuel 54.1kLBS.

Flight Planner used. Next WayPoint HYE、
10.0NM. Wind 276deg.24kt. GS284kt.TAS306kt.ADF not tunned. VOR L not tunned、VOR R not tunned.

Flight Planner used. Next WayPoint LHE、92.4NM. Wind 276deg.26kt. GS373kt.TAS389kt.ADF tunned YZ. VOR L tunned LHE、92.5DME. VOR R tunned HYE、From 7.3DME.

3500ft、210kt、AP Master ON、
LOC and GS are Stand by.

ILS approach.

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