Tokyo-Osaka Adventures for the Round Trip

The adventure flight which goes back and forth between Tokyo and Osaka are included.
An observer mode are available in the adventure for those who are novice at FS adventure
flight. While flying in this mode, you can observe the flight, not only from within cockpit, but
from outside of the plane (spot view, tower view of FS2004). Since the dialog of pilots in the
cockpit and VHF communication exchanged between pilot and ATC controller can be heard
during the flight, you really feel as if you are one of pilots engaged in the shuttle service,
over Japan which can not otherwise be tasted in default ATC of FS2004.

The following screenshots are taken from the shuttle service of
AS203 and AS204 in the observer mode of adventure.

 ATC clearance for OSA being delivered
to AS203 at spot 3 of Haneda

AS203 being pushed back after normal engine
start and now waiting for taxiing instruction

AS203 airborne RWY 34R HND

now, handed off to Tokyo Departure

AS203 climbing under Radar Vector

AS203 being handed off to Yokota approach,
leveling off at ALT10000
having glorious view of Mt.Fuji on the right

direct climbing to assigned FL
after having been in contact with TYO ACC

zoomed in PFD, ND in cruise (direct XMC)
M0.8 FL260 W/V 276/25 GS457kt
TAS480kt DME 87.3 to XMC

AS203 is being cleared to descend by TYO ACC,
initial descent commenced at IAS290kt

Radar Vectoring by Kansai approach initiated

Ikoma range lies ahead, and
Osaka Bay visible in the far-off distance

203 in ILS approach under low ceiling,
Osaka Castle, OBP are faintly visible in the backdrop

203 in ILS approach over Yodo River,
Osaka City faintly visible in the backdrop

having a bit shaky on short final, due to
weak turbulent air over the elevated highway

Happy landing on RWY 32L OSA

ATC clearance for HND being delivered
to AS204 at spot 18 of Osaka.

AS204 beng pushed back after normal engine start
and now waiting for taxiing instruction

AS204 airborne RWY 32L OSA

AS204 in climb on radial 098 OWE,

AS204 in cruise

24NM DME to XAC,
descending initiated asper ATC

AS204 turning over XAC under radar vector,
Mt.Fuji is faintly visible in the distance

AS204 commencing VOR/DME RWY 22 approach

AS204 approaching KWE, Odaiba in the backdrop

turning left and procedding to MAPT,
(missed approach point)

performing visual approach to align RWY 22

another happy landing on RWY 22 HND

AS204 docking to spot 3 at HND

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