Dash 400 & Tripple Seven are being fully utilized
for the shuttle between Tokyo and Osaka.

Three Heavy Jetliners, B747-400, B777-300 and B777-200, are currently
playing active role in the shuttle service between two major airports in Japan.
These models are designed to show off the highest effect of body surface
reflection. The flight model of these jetliners are made easy to treat, and
so even novice pilot would be able to enjoy flying with them. Bank and roll
capability of these models have been improved to an extent that one can
easily enjoy in performing the circling approach to RWY 16L of HND and
RWY 14R of OSA.


  B747-400D(in apprch to 32L OSA)

B747-400D(flying over Osaka city)

B747-400D(on short final)




B747-400D(while in rest)

B777-300(starting engines)

B777-300(taxiing out)

B777-300(Takinf off!!)


B777-300(setting sun behind)

B777-300(turning to join SID)

B777-300(cargo Door opened)

B777-300(passenger door opened)

B777-200(in aprch for VOR/DME C)

B777-200(approaching KOHTOH VOR)

B777-200(turning over Odaiba area)

B777-200(turning final)


B777-200(safely landed on RWY 16L HND)

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