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●Tokyo Base, Check Flight for Ohshima Route!
Are you interested in joining the Virtual Airlines as a Pilot holding the ATP License? Before you send in your application to the Chief Pilot of the Virtual Airlines, check your competency by yourself and see if you are certified to do so. Fly the adventure from Tokyo to Oshima, a round trip, with the Checker Pilot behind you. At the end of flight, your performance are rated and score is given by the Checker Pilot.

As the phrase implies, the adventure in the "Real ATC Adventures series" have been programmed to reflect real-life Air Traffic Control Procedures. In other words, the way you fly in the Real ATC Adventures are the way a real pilot fly in the real world. You can experience and able to get an idea what is going on in the real world. In this adventure, you will be flying the whole route segment from the “engine start” to “Cut off, fuel”. All clearance (start-up engines, taxi. line-up, take-off, etc.), checklists, SID and STAR, are functioning. It generates all the background ATC conversation. The captain and copilot dialog in the cockpit are done in English.

●Two airport sceneries
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) and Ohshima Airport are included. Ohshima Airport is situated on the Ohshima Island which is the largest island in the Izu Island chain. It belongs to the Tokyo Metropolis and it floats on the Pacific Ocean, at aprox 120km SSW of Tokyo.

●Boeing 737-500
Boeing 737-500 will be waiting for your boarding at the ramp of Tokyo International Airport. When you boarded the plane, you would be impressed by details of the virtual cockpit with all the clickable switches and knobs


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