In these exciting Approach & Landing Adventures, you will be controlled by
the ATC exactly in same manner as to what is being practiced in a real life.

On ILS APP to RWY06 Kansai,
passing minima!

Decelerating B747-400

Commencing an APP to Kansai
(passing through North of Tokushima)

Turning right over LILAC
as instructed by ATC

Entering right down wind
for RWY24 Kansai

commencing base turn

Now over the airport access bridge,
RWY just ahead!

Safely touched down!
on RWY24 of Kansai

On ILS APP to RWY25 Yamaguchiube,
Kitakyushu airport lies down below!

B747-SR is decelerating
on RWY06 of Komatsu

100ft !! RWY34 of Nagoya

B767-200 over VOR Toyama,
entering tear-drop pattern

B737-500 is being cleared direct

MD-81 ie being cleared on
ILS APP to RWY07 of Okayama

MD-81 is approaching to Izumo,
passing by north of Yonago airport

RWY25 of Yonago is just ahead,
@500! Stabilized!

B747-SR over Osaka City
for an ILS APP to Osaka Airport

Now coming over Hanshin Highway,
and RWY 32L of Osaka is getting close!

B747-SR is flying East of Kansai,
and proceeding to Shinoda VOR

Depart Shinoda heading 070,
Yao Airport lies down below on left

B747-SR on ILS Approach

RWY insight! Left break !

Entered on right downwind for RWY14R

Commencing base turn

Turning on base

Commencing final turn

Aligning on RWY14R,
by control of inertia!

Touched down on RWY14R,
and begin to decelerate (Tower View)

B767-200 is just about to land
on RWY 10 of Tottori

B737-500 reducing speed
on RWY03 of Oshima

B747-SR decelerating after landing
on RWY34L of Tokyo

B747-SR coming close to Kohtoh VOR
(RWY16L VOR/DME/C for Tokyo)

commencing base turn for RWY16L

now, turing final on RWY16L

just about to land (Tower View)

Happy Landing! on RWY16L of Tokyo

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