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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, Read Add-On Series # 6
Approach & Landing in Japan
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All major airports in Japan, such as Kushiro, New Chitose, Hakodate, Narita, Haneda, Nagoya, Kansai, Osaka, Tokushima, Matsuyama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Kagoahima and Naha are collected. Heavy Jetliners collected in this add-on are B747-406M of KLM, B747-400D, B767-200, MD90, A300-B2/B4, covering long-range to short-range jetliners.
Approach and Landing adventures program in this add-on are unique. You can enjoy only the last part of flight for time saving. You can be in the command of the flight for approach and landing at all those 16 airports. In the adventure, an observer mode are available for those who are novice at FS adventure flight.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, Read Add-On Series # 5
[Government Aircraft, 701SQ]

Two B747-400 which are commonly seen in the news media were given lives to fly in the virtual sky of FS2002. It features two Jumbos that are operated by the JASDF crewmembers for the exclusive use of the Japanese Government. Aircraft are replicated meticulously in detail with the reflective metallic textures, using the moving parts for various portions of aircraft, such as undercarriage, independent suspension, cargo door, stairs and so on. Aircraft included are 20-1101 and 20-1102 liveries of JASDF. Additionally, two more Jumbos in the liveries of JA8031 and JA8032 are included. Additional Jumbos are the planes with registration marks they had immediately after the delivery to the Japanese Government until they came under the Defence Agency in 1992. Chitose Air Base and New Chitose Airport are included. Adventure of training flight at the Chitose Air Base, and VIP flight adventure for the leg between Haneda and Fukuoka are included.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, Real Add-On Sereis # 4
uJAC Flight, 2002v

Two medium sized propliners, YS-11A and SAAB340B, of Japan Air Commuter who has a base at Kagoshima Airport are included. YS-11A are replicated in two liveries, namely Red and Green colors and Rainbow color. Aircraft were constructed with artistic craftsmanship, with which the gear suspension and airstair made with moving parts move with great finesse. Instrument Panel are designed for YS-11A and SAAB340B respectively, and the all gauges are workable just like a real thing in real cockpit. 3D Cockpit are ready for you to immerse yourself in simming flight. Kagoshima Airport and two other airports in the JAC commuter network, namely Tanegashima and Yakushima, were photographically represented with some objects in high quality. Kagoshima to Yakushima round trip adventures with YS-11A, and Kagoshima to Tanegashima round trip adventures with SAAB340B are included. An observer mode are available for those who are novice at FS adventure, and also for those who likes to enjoy the flight only from the virtual codkpit and/or sight seeing flight through the external view mode. Why not to download the Demo Video for you to preview a part of [JAC Flight, 2002]. (Windows Media Player is required)

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, Real Add-On Sereis # 3
[YS-11, The Wings of Japan]

YS-11 aircraft which was the first Japanese made twin-turboprop commercial aircraft following the end of WWII. Ten YS-11 Aircraft are included, and they are ;
YS-11 First Prototype (for testing and demonstration), YS-11 Second Prototype (JDA), YS-11-115 JA8712 (JCAB), YS-11-112 (M)9041 (JMSDF), YS-11A-206 (T-A)6901 (JMSDF), YS-11A-205 N259P (Piedmont Airlines), YS-11A-314 N112MP (Mid Pacific Air), YS-11A-218(FC) 12-1160 (JASDF), YS-11A-402(EB) 01-1159 (JASDF) and YS-11A-402(EA) 12-1163 (JASDF).
The gear suspension and airstair are developed with moving parts. The Instrument Panel, including Overhead console, are designed as faithful as possible to the real thing. The airport scenery of Osaka/Itami and Tokushima are included. Osaka to Tokushima round trip adventures are included. You'll be excited for approadn and landing to Osaka for runway 32R under the guidance of Precision Approach Radar Controller. In addition to the complete adventures for the leg between these two airports, what you'll find is the Approach Adventure in which you'll fly only the last part of the flight which is not time-consuming simflight. An observer mode are avail for those who are novice at FS adventure. Why not to download the Demo Video for you to preview a part of [YS-11, The Wings of Japan]. (Windows Media Player is required)

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, Real Add-On Sereis # 2
[Rainbow Flight Vol.1]   Sold out !

Two heavy jetliners are included in the package. They are Boeing B777-200(Rainbow Seven) and Airbus A300-600R of Japan Air System. Both jetliners are recreated in stunning detail, including the metallic reflections off wide bodies. In addition to the 2D panel designed respectively for Boeing and Airbus, the 3D virtual cockpits and interiors are faithfully replicated. In this product, Two Major Airports in Japan, Tokyo/Haneda and Fukuoka are included. Both airports are beautifully detailed, especially with the illumination for night time flying. The sceneries are frame rate optimized very effectively, which will make them usable with no frustration. Adventures for entire route segment, and also approach segments for both ends can be enjoyed. Why not to download the video and have a glimpse of the contents, as one said "Seeing is Believing!".

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, Real Add-On Series # 1
[First Step for FS2002]
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This add-on soft offers two different type of Boeing 767, both in Boeing House Color. One is type -300 (with P&W engines) and another type is -300 Extended Range (with GE engines). Aircraft are replicated meticulously in detail with the reflective metallic textures, which is the new feature brought in to the Flight Sim World by FS2002 of Microsoft. The aircraft has retouched instrument panel, and gauges on the panel in the virtual cockpit are functionable. The scenery of the Shimojishima Airport features a very tropical feel with the reefs around the island that are colored in blue peculiar to the sea of Okinawa. Totally, 21 adventure programs are offered for you to improve and evaluate your skill as the pilot of Airliner B767. One of the adventure, numbered 21, of the traffic pattern flying around the airport are the same as that of what is actually performed by the Airline Pilot at Shimojishima Airport. At the end of this adventure flight, the pilot performance are rated and a score are given.

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