Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000,
Real Add-On Series Products.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, Real Add-On Series # 4
[YS-11 JAC Flight 2000]

This add-on software brings you the highly detailed NAMC YS-11 visual model ever designed for the PC Flight Simulation. 3 different liverles of YS-11s, namely Japan Air Commuter, ex Toa Domestic Airways and Japan Civil Aviation Bureau are included. This add-on soft brings you also the state of the art scenery of Itami Airport and Tokushima Airport. Itami scenery, in particular, covers not only the airport, but also the neighboring area of Osaka bay in unprecedented detail. The round trip between Itami and Tokushima can be flown by yourself as YS-11 pilot in the adventure scenario. It offers also the observer mode, in which you fly in the jump seat of the cockpit just to observe the cockpit works done by the veteran YS-11 pilots. This mode is helpful for you to master the method of navigation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, Real Add-On Series # 3
[Search and Rescue Flight, Japan Coast Guard]

NAMC YS-11 of Japan Coast Guard and that of Japan Civil Aviation Bureau are included. Each YS-11 is meticulously designed. The adventure scenario is unique in offering the search and rescue activity of Japan Coast Guard, involving the ship in distress over the ocean. It also offers the flight adventure between Haneda and Oshima to be conducted under Instrument Flight Rule. For the chopper pilot, four adventure scenarios are provided, for which even a novice chopper pilot can challenge to find his skill. Haneda Airport and its neighboring area are faithfully and thoroughly reproduced in such a way that its really something that have never seen before in the add-on scenery.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, Real Add-On Series # 2
[AIRock 2000]

The real-life like recreation of the Pitts S-2B and to give her a life within MS Flight Simulator 2000 were the ultimate goal of the project. With the collaboration from Mr. Rock Iwasaki, who is the real world pilot of world-wide fame for aerobatic, the project could reach the goal. The Pitts offers you the excellent maneuverability, so that you will be able to fly as an aerobatic pilot, not only the basic maneuver such as the Loop, the Roll, but also some advanced maneuver like the Hammerhead, the Spin and so forth. Adventure aerobatic flight with the voice spoken by Mr. Iwasaka is simulated for the first time in the FlightSim world. Haven't you ever dreamt of doing such a training flight ? Your dream has come true in the FlightSim world. Do your best to get his thumb up !! Good Luck !!

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, Real Add-On Series # 1
[First Step for FS2000]

This add-on software are to add the adventure scenerios of twelve different situations. You will experience, as a pilot of B-737, real life like demands as you are confronted with an emergency situation, such as one engine failure during takeoff, or landing with gear trouble. The upgraded scenery of the Shimojishima Airport features a very tropical feel and the reefs around the island are colored in blue peculiar to the sea of Okinawa.

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