Missions feature the action of the Carrier in Task Force

Missions are created, featuring the Carrier-led Task Force.
Missions involve the carriers, "SHOKAKU", "ZUIKAKU" and "SHOHO". It is, therefore, hugely enjoyable and highly playable
1.Taking off/landing training of Zero on the deck of SHOKAKU
Landing be made with the aid of LSO and Landing Aid Indicator.
2.Taking off/landing training of Kate on the deck of ZUIKAKU
Landing with Kate is harder than Zero, due to heavier weight
3.Intercepting the enemy fighters and dive-bombers
4.Scramble! Defend our Task Force
5.Search the enemy! Scout the enemy Carrier-led Task Force
6.Scramble! Do your best to protect our SHOHO
7.Escort the bombers in attack to the enemy Task Force
8.Torpedo attadch to the enemy Carrier

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