S c r e e n s h o t s
   Introducing the Pacific Carrier Striking Task force.

Kate in formation with the
Diamond Head in the background

Kate is touching down on the deck of Akagi

Kate is taking off from the deck of Akagi

Val is taking off from the deck of Akagi

Val is on the boming run

Zero 21 is flying over the carrier

Zero 21 is bypassing the deck of Akagi

Zerp 21 is landing on the deck of Souryu

The Day has come !
Be aware of 800kg torpedo under the belly

Skimming over the sea towards the Battleship
Let's fill it full of holes!

Immediate climb and flee away, Watch out, Flak!

Rear firing !

Val awaiting "GO" signal on the deck

Joining the formation

Zero 21 flying over the Pearl harbor

Dive bombing, dive-brake deployed

Attacking the pearl harbor

Returning Kate, after successful operation

Four carriers lined up (# 1)

Four carriers lined up (# 2)

Four carriers lined up (# 3j

Four carriers lined up (# 4)

Four carriers lined up (# 5j

Four carriers lined up (# 6j

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