Thirteen missions for Pearl Harbor and Midway Operations are included.

1. Torpedoing maneuver after low pass
over the city of Kagoshima

2. Bombing maneuver after low pass
over the city of Kagoshima

3. Escort mission to Ford Isl.

4. Torpedo attack to Navy Yard of Ford Island

5. Attacking Ford Field

6. Attacking Wheeler Field

7. Escort mission along the second striking

8. Level bombing run in the second striking.

9. Dive boming in the second striking.

10. Dive bombing at Midway field.

11. Defend our Carrier Task Force!

12. Torpedo attack to the enemy carrier

13. Defend our Hiryu!

Kate is returning back to the carrier

F2 appears in the mission as bandit

P40 appears in the mission as bandit

Civilian Training plane may appear in the mission

Civilian Training plane happen to meet
Zeros of the first striking group

Hereunder, you'll see a report of frame rate influenced by scenery complex in the mission play.
CPUPV 866MHz@standard
VGA3D Blaster GeForce2 GTS 32MB
CFS config1024x768x16 window mode. Standard setting
  * Image captured when setting is active, without using the Pause command.

FPS 11.7 when entire Ford Isl appears7

Buffalo in front of hangar at
Ford Isl Naval Air Station

A flock of the Battleships moored on east side
of the island, and an area in front of the yard

Around B-24 on the west side of Hickam
Field, FPS reached as much as 20.0

Entire Hickam Field and an are
in front of the dockyard

Wheeler Field with a flock of P40
in front of the hangar

Flak busted just ahead of you,
note that PFS was yet 19.5

High up in the sky of the Midway

Aerial combat over the fleet
of the IJN Pacific Task Force

In the first stage of Beta testing, we could hardly fly the plane due to low FPS such as from 5 to 10, however, it turns out to be generally 10 to 25 after having scrutinized the matter and used every endeavour to bring it up to the acceptable level. We'll be happy if this report could be of some help to you.

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